Badge Bunny

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Badge Bunny From Cynthia Sax

Badge Bunny From Cynthia Sax





My name is Officer Drake. I’m genetically enhanced to be the best damn policeman there is. I can snap a werewolf in two. I can outrun a car. That’s not boasting. Those are the facts.

I’m designed to protect and serve, and when I spot a plush little bunny shifter by the name of Hunny Lapin, that is exactly what I do. I protect her from a strip club owning vampire and serve up her every desire in bed. ‘Course, that lands me in a whole heap of trouble, but it’s nothing I can’t handle. I’m a supercop, remember?

If you like humor or men in uniform or bunnies, this is the Cynthia Sax story for you!

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Interview With Hunny Lapin:

Five Cherry Review for Badge Bunny!

“This is a book I’d tell my friends about and hope they‘d read it too just so we could trade quotes and quips back and forth. There were so many fun one-liners and references, it was that enjoyable and even the happily ever after was lighthearted and special. I’m running out of adjectives to express how wowed I am with this book.”

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“The term laugh out loud is overused but I did just that. Let me leave you with two of the words that had me guffawing: Mafia Rabbit. That joke alone is worth buying a copy of Badge Bunny.”

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“BADGE BUNNY is a hot, fun tale that will keep you flipping the pages until the very end. With the right amount of sexiness, lust and characters that fairly brim with life, Ms. Sax delivers a story that will leave you breathless.”

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Reader Question: Will there be another story in this series?

The Godrabbit, Uncle Flopsy’s story, will be released for Easter (April) 2011. This will be a prequel to Badge Bunny.

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  1. Marianna Cullars Says:

    Hi Cynthia,
    I just finished reading Badge Bunny, and I had to let you know how much I loved this story. Tall about HOT, HOT, HOT. I really hope you do more stories in this world. I’m dying to read more about Hunny and Drake.

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