Unleashed Menage

Posted by on June 14, 2012

Unleashed Menage From Cynthia Sax

Unleashed From Cynthia Sax





Prison escapee Traz captures Falyn, the most foolishly trusting and overtly sexual female he has ever met. The exotic future-bender isn’t destined for him. She’s to take his beloved sister’s place, becoming a merciless assassin’s sexual slave.

Traz restrains Falyn, binding her wrists to the merc ship’s walls. When she convinces him to strip her and take his pleasure from her willing body, Traz indulges again and again, fervently trying to sate himself before they reach the rendezvous point.

Falyn escaped her luxurious prison with her companion android, only to be taken prisoner by Traz, the man she is destined to love. The scarred criminal gives her the pain she needs and the passion she desires, using her android to make all but one of her secret dreams come true—the dream of being loved forever.

This story is related to Mission Menage and Savage Menage but can be read on its own (because I read series out of order all of the time so I don’t expect you to read mine in order).

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