Exposed By Moonbeam

Posted by on September 26, 2012

Exposed by Moonbeam From Cynthia Sax

Exposed by Moonbeam From Cynthia Sax





For months, the mysterious Ary has been teasing Storm with sexy tales of aliens. The intrepid reporter arrives in Moonbeam to investigate the story, and within hours of meeting the aristocratic Ary, Storm sees, feels and tastes his hard, vibrating proof. She’ll do anything to keep her source happy, including voyaging to the ends of the known universes to nail an exclusive.

Ary, a ruling prince of Sila, prides himself on being cool and unattached. Storm’s constantly moving mouth tests that resolve. Under her enticing touch, Ary’s primitive passions erupt, releasing his inner beast, freeing him from the restraints of tradition.

Not all Silans are happy their ruler has a mate and the enemy is poised, ready to attack. The last story Storm covers could be her own.

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