Skies On Fire

Posted by on April 18, 2013

Skies On Fire From Cynthia Sax

Skies On Fire From Cynthia Sax


Lieutenant Reisen, a grim Dracheon warrior, would die for honor and duty. He has sworn to protect the captain of the Bliss. When an alien attacks the ship, seeking to harm the captain, Reisen maintains his post by her side, ready to defend her with his life.

Jayla, the ship’s botanist, would never ask Reisen to turn his back on duty, not even to save her life. During an attack on her laboratory, all she asks of the impressively large male is that he take care of her beloved plants should she die… and that he remember the one stolen kiss they shared in a darkened alcove.

Reisen will never forget that kiss. Jayla is his mate, the sole being he is meant to spend his life with, and if she dies, his dreams will die with her. But he is honor-bound to protect his captain, and a Dracheon warrior never breaks his vows.

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