The Search Is Over

Posted by on May 20, 2013

The Search Is Over From Cynthia Sax

The Search Is Over From Cynthia Sax


Every night, Zahara, the captain of the Bliss, dreams of a bald blue-eyed alien male. She’s undergone cognitive reprogramming, shock therapy, and other painful treatments to rid herself of the dreams. Nothing works. Convinced she can’t trust her own mind, she lives her life by the rigid Galactic Alliance code.

In deep unexplored space, an alien male attacks her ship — a bald blue-eyed alien male. Zahara knows he’s coming for her. She locks herself on her bridge and arms herself with daggers and guns, preparing to meet the destiny she’s been taught not to believe in.

One is determined to bond with his other, the female he has spent his long solitary existence waiting for. He will use every tool in his extensive arsenal to win her — even splitting himself into multiple males to make his female’s dreams come true.

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