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Prequel: Demon Of Convenience

Friday, March 4th, 2011
Demon Of Convenience From Cynthia Sax

Demon Of Convenience From Cynthia Sax


Taurinus lurked in the shadows, watching Mina as she walked toward the museum, her hips swaying in a tantalizingly distractive rhythm, her long brown hair swinging, the soft tendrils brushing against her tight, round ass. She paused, pivoting on her practical shoes to look behind her, scanning the area, feeling his gaze on her.

Although he longed to go to Mina, speak with her, press a heated kiss to those parted lips, exploring her mouth with his tongue, he couldn’t. He was a demon, living for all eternity, and she was a human, with a heartbreakingly short lifespan of less than a century.

She would die, but not today, not while she was under his protection. He smiled as Mina shrugged her shoulders, and continued walking, dismissing the threat. She was such an innocent.

Taurinus wasn’t an innocent, and he couldn’t dismiss the threat to Mina as easily. Waiting until the museum door closed behind her, and another figure detached from the darkness, he drew his favorite knife, and had the goblin pinned against the building in seconds.

“She’s not for you,” he informed the ugly creature.

“And who are you to judge that?” Putrid spittle sprayed from goblin’s mouth. He struggled, his feet dangling inches from the pavement.

Taurinus drove waves of ice into his enemy’s skin, causing him to gasp. “My friends call me Taurinus.” Mina was the only person he allowed to call him Taur.

A spark of recognition lit the goblin’s bloodshot eyes. Taurinus was the demon world’s top assassin, and although few had seen his face, his reputation was well known. “And your enemies?”

“I don’t have any.” He paused. “Living,” he added. The only good enemy was a dead enemy. Taurinus smiled again but with an icy satisfaction, and the goblin swallowed hard. “As the woman belongs to me, any enemy of hers is an enemy of mine. Are you my enemy, goblin?”

“N…n…no. I didn’t know she belonged to you, M…M…Master Taurinus. I w…w…would have never presumed.” The goblin stammered and stuttered, apologizing profusely.

Taurinus considered killing him, and finally decided he was more useful alive. “I thought it was an honest mistake.” He slid the goblin to the ground. “I will let you go, but the next creature making that mistake will die.” Upon release, the goblin scurried away. He would tell his friends. Taurinus looked toward the museum doors wistfully. Mina would be safe.