Warlord Series

The Warlord Series is now complete (4 novellas in total).

Note: These titles are with Ellora’s Cave. Ellora’s Cave hasn’t paid royalties for these stories in almost a year and they refuse to give me my rights back. They’re still great stories, however.

The bigger the bounty, the more dangerous the fugitive.

Khan, a Chamele warlord, has a huge bounty on his head. His enemy is willing to pay an outrageous amount to secure him. Khan wants to be apprehended, especially if the bounty hunter capturing him is a brown-eyed female with razor-sharp daggers and an even sharper tongue. He’ll allow her to subdue him sexually, his passion and prowess not inhibited by restraints, and when she collects her bounty, he’ll collect his revenge, killing his enemy and claiming his little bounty hunter forever.

Zeta doesn’t do forever. She captures the worst scum in the galaxy and trades them for credits. Khan is fierce and sexy and the most dominant male she has ever encountered, but he is also a fugitive, and once she sates herself with his body, she’ll betray him. It is her job.

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When Murad, a powerful and deadly Warlord, arrives to repair Gale’s beloved ship, she doesn’t like it one bit. She sees the danger lurking behind his wide, sexy smile and the temptation in his coarse touch. He stands too close. He smells too good. He muddles her mind with erotic thoughts no bounty hunter should ever entertain.

Murad is known for being lighthearted…until he meets Gale. He’s deadly serious about seducing his curvaceous bounty hunter. With one blast of her stun gun, she captures his attention, and starts his lust burning. To claim Gale for his mate, Murad will brave his cautious female’s itchy trigger finger, his overbearing older brother and Gale’s sense of duty.

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Solar cycles ago, Elle bonded with Berke, the fiercest of all Warlords. He declared their sexually intense bonding a mistake, deposited Elle on a distant planet and returned to Chamele to fight the wars of succession. Elle dealt with their separation by creating one of the best bounty-hunter schools in the galaxies.

Now, two of her top students have made the same mistake she did, bonding with Chamele Warlords. Determined to develop an antidote and save them from the pain she’s experienced, Elle captures her barbarian mate. Tempers flare and passions burn as she thaws the ice around Berke’s heart, revealing a desire too strong to ever be dissolved.

Because the most savage lust and love is hidden within the coldest of Warlords.

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Tolui, a clone of a powerful Warlord, is a male without a homeland or a future. He’s doomed to never mate, and ruthlessly wages war, seeking to give his clone brothers a planet system to call their own, a place where they can live without persecution.

When Tolui crashes on a deserted planet and meets a small human female, he discovers everything he knows about clones is a lie. Lea, his destined mate, unleashes the passion he’s suppressed over his lifetime. He wants her. He needs her. He’ll do anything to bond with her.

But he won’t share her. Tolui’s greatest battle will be the fight for Lea’s heart. To win her love, he’ll face hundreds of his clone brothers, men who look exactly like him.

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